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About Us
    Kwong Lun Paper Company is headquartered in Guangzhou, is a professional computer printing paper, cash register paper, copy paper, computer printing paper printing, cash register paper and printing, information paper of production and trade enterprises. Multi-branch distribution in the country has institutions. Origin of raw materials in the near Guangzhou and Changsha are specialized procurement and distribution company. South China region, the main cash register paper, computer printing paper, photo paper, copy paper suppliers. As well as photo paper, Inkjet Paper, too plastic, printing supplies, binding supplies and other products agents and trade enterprises. Main Products: computer printing paper, cash register paper, photo paper, inkjet paper, card paper, fax paper, copy paper, too plastic, cold laminating film, adhesive, barcode ribbon, fax ribbon, binding supplies, striae of paper, binding film, aprons, ribbons, ink together, ink, toner cartridges, toner, etc..
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